Providing value for money to your business, to help save cost where possible, provide tools to help your company improve earnings/profit and always to match IT to business need.
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HelpDesk IT Ltd, Registered Office: Brockham House, 4 Smallfield Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9AU, Company Reg: 5535082, Vat Reg: 862692102
No matter how careful the planning and implementation, no matter how 'reliable' the equipment, the facts are that IT problems will still happen. Server crashes, disk failures, network glitches, software bugs and relentless updates and patches, as well as security problems - of both the software and human variety - all continually conspire to throw businesses into confusion.

At HelpDesk IT we offer a variety of services to help bring that confusion back under control.

Ad Hoc support: you call us when you need us. Simple, straightforward, "pay as you go".

Remote Support: with the remote control software on your machines  up to 90% of problems can be resolved this way.

Retainer: you choose the number of hours you think you might need each month and get a serious discount on the Ad Hoc fees.

Our philosophy is that if you have an IT problem it needs to be resolved quickly and effectively. We have the skills and resources to make that happen and our flexible support options allow you to tailor this service to precisely fit your business needs and budget.