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A properly configured network is the heart of your efficient office.

Whether you have two users or a multi-national organisation, a network enables all your computers to surf the Internet at the same time, send and receive email as well as share files, data and printers across the network. With todays technologies remote sites can be linked across the internet, and remote users can access email and the office wherever they may be.

So what do you need to use it for:
Simple connection to share access to Internet and Printers; quick and easy configuration.
A central repository for data; normally server based but can also be "Cloud" based.
Collaboration; frequently "Cloud" based to allow collaboration over wide geographical areas.
Remote access (teleworking); connection via Internet to work as if you were in the office.

Whichever type of networking is most suitable for you, we can advise and help. We can survey your site and work out what is the best fit for you and your company. We can supply all the hardware and software required, we can install it. Or we can help you get the most out of what you already have.