Providing value for money to your business, to help save cost where possible, provide tools to help your company improve earnings/profit and always to match IT to business need.
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HelpDesk IT Ltd, Registered Office: Brockham House, 4 Smallfield Road, Horley, Surrey, RH6 9AU, Company Reg: 5535082, Vat Reg: 862692102
Selecting the right IT for your business can be a minefield. Choosing the right IT partner to help you through the minefield can be daunting.

With a large helping of "techno-babble", impenetrable jargon and wild claims it can be almost impossible to work out who, or what, is best for your business. HelpDesk IT takes a different approach. We listen to you.

You tell us what your business needs, what your plans are and where you want to go.
Then we help you find the best IT solutions to fit your business.
We will never claim to be the cheapest.
We will never claim to be the only company that can meet your needs.
We will always promise to deliver Value for Money.

Our mission is to provide professional help at affordable prices. Our aim is to give Value for Money. We never forget that quality service and customer satisfaction are the best advertising any business can have. If we can help your business to succeed then so will ours